There's no dark side of the moon...

..Matter of fact.. it's all dark...

Melancolia al margen ,y con mas ganas de exteriorizar que de explicar ,tengo grabado en la memoria un momento muy muy muy antiguo e irrelevante...pero lo queria escribir... tal vez no se entienda, pero lo queria escribir.

To be with you - Mr. Big
Me voy - Julieta Venegas
Through Her Eyes - Dream Theater
Vermillion pt 2 - Slipknot
Wicked Game - HIM (cover)
Time - Pink Floyd
Heaven Tonight - HIM
Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
Black hole sun - Soundgarden
Creep - Stone Temple Pilots
Plush - Stone temple Pilots
Spoon - Dave Matthews Band + Alanis Morisette
I believe in Miracles - Ramones
In my Time of Need - Opeth
To Rid the Disease - Opeth
Estranged - Guns and Roses
Parting gift - Fiona Apple
Black - Pearl Jam
No rain - Blind Melon
Last Kiss - Pearl Jam

Eres para mi.. - Julieta venegas
It's been awhile - Staind
To whom it may concern - Creed
Is this the end - Creed
Numb - Linking Park
Oil and Water - Incubus
Pardon me - Incubus
11 am - Incubus
Diamonds and coal - Incubus
Miss you love - Silverchair
Back to the moment - Slash's snakepit
Fool to think - Dave matthews Band
The Space between - Dave Matthews Band
Snuff - Slipknot

Scenes from new york
El exorcismo de Emlily Rose
Event Horizon
Lake house..
jajaja.. lake house.

"It's time the truth was out that he don't give a shit about me" Get Gone - Fiona Apple

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